• A new way
    to write backends for mobile apps
    Breakthrough performance technology
    Elegant RPC architecture
    Write server code in Python
    Fully-featured query language. With JOINs.
  • Breakthrough performance
    The stopwatches are running
    A lightning-fast socket-based wire protocol
    Whole-ecosystem end-to-end performance optimizations
    Up to 10x faster than REST-based solutions
  • RPC that actually works
    Leave JSON, serialization, and 403 errors behind
    Remote code is just a function call away
    Automatically handle all standard data types
    Simple and intuitive support for custom types
    Automatic header generation for maximum productivity
  • Real database. No kidding.
    Remember when database queries could have JOINs?
    Fully-featured query language
    If you've used Core Data, you already know how to use it
    If you've used postgres, you already know how to use it too
    Advanced features for today's apps, like row-level security

caffeine is a new way to write backends for mobile apps.

High performance

Since a mobile app developer controls both ends of the networking pipe, you can go beyond REST. caffeine has a ground-breaking wire protocol that is up to 10x faster than conventional approaches.

Elegant RPC

caffeine's elegant RPC system lets you expose API endpoints in seconds. Seriously. We even generate header files for you. Remote code is now one (autocompleted) function call away.

App, meet database

Remember back when your database supported a JOIN query? That's why we built an engine that compiles any CoreData-compatible query into real SQL that runs on a real Postgres database and returns results in an object-oriented way. We've even thought about things you probably haven't like row-level security.

A server language for server code

Professionals don't write server-side code in a browser language written in 10 days. That's why caffeine uses Python. You can even integrate caffeine as part of an existing Python application.

Batteries included

caffeine includes many advanced features for the applications of tomorrow. We even provide source code, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Write once, run everywhere

caffeine can run in your dorm room, in your datacenter, on AWS, or anywhere else you can find a 64-bit Linux system. Your backend is packaged as a Docker image, to make deployment anywhere a snap.

  • "caffeine helps me ship full-stack mobile applications very quickly even as a single developer. It's changed my life."DrewCrawfordApps
  • "caffeine is our secret weapon"Clever Panda

caffeine is available for select projects

We're looking for customers to dream big with us and help us create the future in mobile backend technology

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