Ten years ahead of its time

We've been writing mobile software the same way since the beginning. Sure, we have new tools like ARC and Swift, but these things haven't fundamentally changed how we work.

caffeine envisions a new world that obsoletes and entire way of life. A world where implementation is no longer the bottleneck. Where you no longer have to think about low-level details in databases, persistence, JSON, and networking, and can focus on writing a great app. Where integrating with lots of 3rd-party services is as simple as typing a few characters. Where remote data is as easy and fast to work with as local data. Where your keyboard can keep pace with your imagination.

caffeine is a radical re-imagining of how we build complex, beautiful mobile applications. It questions the fundamental assumptions of how we work that have been in place for decades. And it illuminates new answers. We don't have to keep writing apps the way we always have. We can do better.


Go beyond REST

Do you want to be parsing JSON for the next 10 years? Or do you want to change the world?

Imagine a world where human-written parsing code was a thing of the past. Just tell the computer "A Product has a name, a price, and a description" and it can build the code to fetch Products for you. And all the other objects in your application.

Like the UPS guy, caffeine's advanced logistics system handles door-to-door delivery of your app's data from the server's Python class to the client's Swift object, all by itself. So you can stop trying to remember what timezone the date field is supposed to be and get back to innovating.

Your data is yours

Tired of building apps on some propietary stack, only for them to get acquired along with all your customers' data?

caffeine envisions a world where your data stays inside your datacenter. Our open codebase means you can always extend our stack in new ways, but business-class support means you won't have to.

caffeine can be deployed incrementally, to power only part of your application if you want. And our commitment to open technologies like Postgres, Python, Docker, and Linux means we play well with others, for apps that want to embrace our technology — and for apps that want to move out.


"There's some kind of trick here. It simply can't be as dramatically better as what you've shown me."

- actual reaction to a demo


Boldly going where no technology has gone before

caffeine is so ambitious that when we demo it, or refer to its advanced features, like an AI that can build an SQL schema migration, a lightning-fast communications protocol, or making remote code as easy to call as local code, people think we are joking. We've been accused of doctoring demos, because no technology can possibly be as easy or fast as we show, so we're told.

In reality, behind caffeine is some of the best, internationally-recognized mobile expertise in the world, with deep, real-world experience in a wide variety of mobile applications. It's from that very experience that we know how to do things that others think are impossible.

We refuse to live in a world where developers do the same boring stuff over and over again for each app, using the same tools they've had since the 90s. We're crazy enough to think we can radically change the way you write software. And the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

If you want to step into the future of mobile app development, you're in the right place.

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caffeine is available for select projects that are ready to boldly go where no one's gone before. Contact us to learn more about what caffeine can do for you.